Touring Car 1/10 Electric

The balls driveshaft «RCV» keep velocities in each angular position of driveshaft.

It's an advantageous alternative to "double joint". The very high level of accuracy and durability offers no play and no wear run after run.

Patent n° FR 12 59048

Constant velocity driveshaft : What is it ? Constant_velocity.pdf

Why RCV balls driveshaft respect constant velocity ? RCV_vs_Constant_velocity.pdf

Why CVD or UJ driveshaft don’t respect constant velocity ? CVD_vs_Constant_velocity.pdf

RCV balls drivesshaft vs Double Joint ? RCV_vs_DJ_vAN.pdf

Performances of RCV balls driveshaft : RCV__Performances_vAN.pdf



Differents versions of drive shaft available :

The « RCV » balls driveshaft are developed in different types to give you an optimal response in function of your using requirement.


Classification and use table for the different versions of

RCV driveshaft « Touring car »



Car type :