The balls driveshaft «RCV» keep velocities in each angular position of driveshaft.

Whatever the driveshaft angle the inner cage and balls are always positioned on the half-angle of the driveshaft ensuring a true constant velocity behaviour. See notes :

Patent n° FR 12 59048

The “RCV” balls driveshaft suppress vibration to the wheel, improve tire working and create a driving more predictable, more efficient and easier: the car is like on a rail

Sizes are similar to your current driveshaft called “CVD”.

The « RCV » balls driveshaft are developed in different types to give you an optimal response in function of your using requirement

The « RCV » balls driveshaft are made with high accuracy from special steel hardened. Combined with high quality ceramic balls (Si3N4 - grade 5 - hardness > 1400 HV) you obtain the perfect performance CV driveshaft.

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If you are not satisfied by performance of your product, you have 14 days to send back us with complete refund (in accordance with Terms and conditions)

A sercice of maintenance (remplacement of defective components) is offered free of charge (except shipping costs) during 2 years after the date of purchase.


To get a perfect wheel rotation, we introduce a specific wheel system without pin and screw.



RCV balls driveshaft suppresses the disadvantages of double joint :

Constant velocity


Inner plays


Narrow ball bearing



With RCV balls driveshaft :

Tire works better

Improve lateral grip

Improve traction

Steering radius shorter & more constant

Increase front reactivity

Increase rear stability

The stability gain of the rear is very appreciable with the new Mid motor chassis


RCV balls driveshaft is the perfect association with active rear system (ARS) :

Less toe-in = More speed limit (with “stock” motor)

Less toe-in in compression = Less braking in curve

Get a car easier to drive !!